My husband saved my life…….

And this isn’t the first time either………   So if your new to my blog welcome let me first say I am a very open person once you start reading my entries you will get the picture. The reason I started out with that is because I know that this post will bring a lot […]

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Do people ever grow up?

I know working in business you run into different people, different maturity levels now I know sometimes I can be immature but I have really tried to work on controlling my emotions and not letting things get to me too much. But sometimes I can’t help it because I am an emotional person. So as […]

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Story of Us

So my husband and I have have been together for going on 13 years in March. I figure if your gonna know part of my story, you should know the whole thing. I met my husband while I was dating his best friend, that is who introduced us. Jance was currently living in Missouri with […]

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There will be videos…..WhAt??

Yes you read that now, I will be uploading videos to my blog. I will be making different videos for both the weedtube and youtube so if you wanna see them all check out both places. This video is an exception because it is my intro video, the first video I ever uploaded and edited […]

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