Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!   I hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving, I did. I spent the morning cuddling with my daughter watching the Macy's day parade, then we got ready and went to my husbands grandmothers with his side of the family then went to my mothers, then to finish off the night we watched Elf.... Continue Reading →

Wow I am bad at this

So I did it again...I went pretty much a month without writing a blog and the funny thing is I don't do it because I don't have content I have tons to write about I just don't ever put aside time to do it. Then when I do have time I find myself scrolling the... Continue Reading →

Quiet among the Chaos

So as I said in an earlier post my family is staying with my hubby's grandmother until our new house is ready November 1st...eek so excited...anyway so as we all know I am a medical marijuana patient and I am not ashamed as it has helped me get off of pain medication I was using... Continue Reading →


So last night I was sitting on the couch with my daughter watching dancing with the stars juniors and she commented on how pretty a little girl on tv was and I said your beautiful too. She just giggled and went back to watching tv. That got me to thinking about how I always tell... Continue Reading →

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