Wow I am bad at this

So I did it again...I went pretty much a month without writing a blog and the funny thing is I don't do it because I don't have content I have tons to write about I just don't ever put aside time to do it. Then when I do have time I find myself scrolling the... Continue Reading →

Quiet among the Chaos

So as I said in an earlier post my family is staying with my hubby's grandmother until our new house is ready November 1st...eek so excited...anyway so as we all know I am a medical marijuana patient and I am not ashamed as it has helped me get off of pain medication I was using... Continue Reading →


So last night I was sitting on the couch with my daughter watching dancing with the stars juniors and she commented on how pretty a little girl on tv was and I said your beautiful too. She just giggled and went back to watching tv. That got me to thinking about how I always tell... Continue Reading →

Where have I been????

I have been MIA from both my blog, instagram and twitter for the past week and I want to apologize. There is still a lot going on but I have a little time now to collect my thoughts and let everyone in lol. So I don't remember if I said anything in any of my... Continue Reading →


  *I want to preface this with if your in an abusive relationship whether physical or emotional GET OUT!! Communication will NOT solve that* So today got me thinking about divorce (not me and hubby divorcing but others) the reason being that we got into an argument today and of course him in a pissed... Continue Reading →

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