Hey guys so I there is a giveaway going on, on my Instagram Page I am going to extend it to Monday because I realized in my haze of recovery that in order to win you have to be following my blog so I wanted to give my blog followers a chance to win this too:


Winner will get:

So to win this amazing pain relief package all you have to do is be following my blog and obviously my Instagram account and find the very first post of this picture and comment your favorite emoij if your like I was a couple months ago and don’t know quite how to access your emoji’s then just comment in writing which one you think is the cutest.

See loves I am making this EASY for you ha ha. You guys have been wonderful with all your comments and love and messages I want to give back. So on Monday evening I will be going live to pick a winner.

Friday night join me on Instagram at 9pm Eastern Standard time to go do a couple more giveaways for hair accessories, jewelry, flip flops and bags.

So turn on Instagram notifications and join me to win some nice things!!!!!!



Ok that’s all for today remember friends to always Live your Life Happy!!! Love to you all!!!

****Random Thought Of The Day****

What is your zodiac sign? I’m a Virgo, do you believe in it? I am so interested in astrology and zodiac signs, if you know anything about it or if you know of any good blogs comment below. Thanks guys!!!!


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