My husband saved my life…….

And this isn’t the first time either………


So if your new to my blog welcome let me first say I am a very open person once you start reading my entries you will get the picture. The reason I started out with that is because I know that this post will bring a lot of newbies because if they want to know what happen with my surgery then I’m directing them here.

Anyways lets get on with the story and the reason you are here….your noisy just admit it ha ha okay I’m only kidding I know you probably care about me in some way but hey if i wasn’t the one writing this of course I’d be nosy too and want to read what happen people like a good story they like to be on the edge of their seat and then gently guided back down so they can relax again. So if that is the type of story your looking for your in luck cuz my story has a happy ending unlike most stories out there in this crazy world today….get on with the story will ya…okay I’m going….yes I’ve taken extra meds and when i say meds I mean cannabis not those yucky pills which unfortunately I’m still on (yes this plays a part in my story too). I’ve taken some extra RSO so I could get his blog post out there. Okay so there will be pictures just a forewarn nothing bad tho and as I always tell you this blog will be written in the style of me having a conversation with you the reader.


So I had surgery on Tuesday and everything went well. Came out of surgery into recovery room, woke up in some pain but the doc had ordered everything I needed so I just had to tell the nurses how I felt. From recovery I was put into my room, which hubby had already been in and had set it up for me like he does every time I have surgery. I know I’m spoiled!!!! Anyway, I sent hubby home that night because  I was doing good, had a little argument with the nurses about pain meds, apparently they thought they knew more than my doctor who wrote the orders for me. After I stood my ground I was good. That evening and early morning my fever spiked to 100 then 99 then back to normal. The thing was tho I was on Tylenol to control my fever so I think the hospital did a little oops there because they never gave me antibiotics even though my temp spiked after surgery. This is where I think my infection started and I honestly don’t think I would of gotten as bad as I did if they would of put me on antibiotics then instead of when I’m almost in a coma. <——- yup this girl almost goes into a coma but I’m getting ahead of myself….

Ok so I wake up in the morning my surgeon comes and checks on me tells me he looked at my ovaries and they look great and the surgery was a success so I am good to go. So they write up my discharge papers and hubby comes and picks me up. Im feeling okay we go home and I get all comfy in bed. Now Im ready to medicated with some cannabis so hubby makes me an RSO & THC distillate brownie enough to knock me out and i eat it and i get cuddled up in bed and  put a movie on.  So on my Instagram story these two videos followed one another:



So yeah my fever shot up and I was shaking violently and hubby freaked out and rushed me back to the er.

Now this next part is my shitty memory with Hubby filling in the blanks:

When we get to the er they bring me to triage and the nurse ask all the questions takes my vitals my blood pressure was i think 95/50 something and my normal blood pressure is 100/60 so it wasn’t too bad but my O2 level was low and my heart rate was in the hundreds so yeah my vitals didn’t look good when looked at all together moving on so they brought me right back to a room and the nurse came right in to hook everything up all the fun monitors heart rate, blood pressure, EKG , oxygen. well the oxygen one is the funny one i have fake nails and so they ended up putting the oxygen monitor on my forehead…..hows that for a fashion statement oh ya guys you know I’m sexy!!!!


So yeah my O2 level was down where they didn’t want  it so they decided to shove some plastic up my nose to help me breath let me tell you those things get so itchy after a while. So at that point they had no idea what was going on and so they were monitoring me and taking a shit ton of blood….so when that came back everyone started to freak out not only was my lactate acid sky high uhm 5.8 a normal person is usually .5-1. Here is a nice little definition of what was going on in my body:

“A lactic acid test is a blood test that measures the level of lactic acid made in the body. Most of it is made by muscle tissue and red blood cells. When the oxygen level in the body is normal, carbohydrate breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. When the oxygen level is low, carbohydrate breaks down for energy and makes lactic acid.

Lactic acid levels get higher when strenuous exercise or other conditions—such as heart failure, a severe infection (sepsis), or shock —lower the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Lactic acid levels can also get higher when the liver is severely damaged or diseased, because the liver normally breaks down lactic acid.

Very high levels of lactic acid cause a serious, sometimes life-threatening condition called lactic acidosis.” Credit to: University of Michigan

So yeah guys i had a REALLY REALLY BAD infection but it wasn’t in the spot I had surgery…….. they did an xray and my lungs looked funny so they did a CT scan and my tummy was fine but again my lungs looked funny. so the doc summed it up to early pneumonia and apparently if hubby didn’t bring me in when he did and just let me sleep I wouldn’t of woken back up…..

let that sink in for a moment……

I never felt that bad that night just weak and tired…..


Hubby posted that and then there was talk of getting me life starred to Rhode Island Hospital because the one I was at didn’t have the right doctors on staff. When life star came they ended up leaving again because I never became stable enough for transport. They had to hit me with two different IV antibiotics


So these where the best vitals on me of the night……they went down to my blood pressure being 70/30 and the scary thing about this was that my husbands grandfather who was like a father to him died here at this hospital after a knee surgery he went into a coma with a low blood pressure like mine and sepsis took him so my hubby was having a panic attack because of that thankfully his mom was able to come down and sit with him and me and calm him down. Usually I’m the one who has to do it but thankfully mama is still there!!!! I hope she understands how much her talks with him about the crazy stuff really helps so thank you mama!!!!

After they hit me with the two different antibiotics everything starting going up and my fever started going down and I was becoming coherent again.

Let me say for my husband that was one of the scariest nights of his life but for me it was more like a dream, honestly fuzzy not real clear. I am so thankful for this man I married though, this isn’t the first time he has saved my life and not in a theoretical sense either…when I got ran over and stuck underneath a Chevy cavalier he picked it up off me.

So I honestly now know without a shred of doubt (there was a tiny one to be honest even after 12 years) he is the man i am suppose to spend the rest of my life with no questions or concerns about that. I don’t even know how to thank him or if I’ll ever be able to repay him. All I know is that he is stuck with me forever and I don’t think he understands what that means just yet but he will……(evil laugh…yes this is rso talking…regular laugh)……

So they didn’t move me out of the emergency room until about 7am and by that time i was up on my feet going to the bathroom and just generally normal again and hungry dude I had taken RSO and THC distillate the night before and hadn’t eaten anything so yeah munchies but I had to wait until the food people came back around and lets just say i wasn’t impressed, eggs and toast that was it so yeah hubby to the rescue again.

OK I’m getting side tracked so before I go to my room i meet with my doc who said the infection wasn’t near his work and my abdomen is good. then I met with another doc who said she saw the scan and agreed it was the lungs she just wanted to wait to hear with the radiologist had to say. Now when the doc tells you that wouldn’t that lead you to believe that she would come and tell you what he said…yeah didn’t happen.. So I get up to my room meet my nurse and do the whole run thru.  They don’t hook me up to anything she takes my vitals when i first get into the room.

My mamma came and saw me and brought me my morning coffee and a good book to read so thankfully for her even after 33 years a girl still needs her mama!!!!

So I sit there the whole day and the only time i mean the only time they come in my room is if I hit the button. The doc never came to tell me what was going on nothing. I had to fight to get any medication even my normal meds. This brings me to my chronic pain prescription now if you watched my weedtube video (it opens in a new window if you haven’t watched it) you would know that I have been tapering down to get off these meds for a year now under doctor supervision. Let me first let you know that when I am in a lot of pain I vomit so my pain got so out of control yesterday part of the reason they couldn’t give me any pain meds the night before because my blood pressure was to low understandable but now that everything is normal again I need my meds, I was puking and crying before they offered me anything. I have NEVER been treated that bad being a pain patient. Never again will I go to that hospital.

Moving on……

Anyway around 6pm I realized that i could be home in my own bed, so my surgeon came in to say good night (hes the best) and I asked him what was going on and if i could possibly go home tonight and he said if it was up to him then yes but he wasn’t sure about my lungs..let that sink in…they didn’t tell my surgeon shit about my lungs…

Anyway so he tells me he is gonna find the doc i had met that morning and then my nurse came in and i asked her what the point of having me there was and she was like um let me check with the doc..i don’t think she my surgeon comes back can’t find this doc..nurse comes back cant find her…nurse comes back second time… sorry doctor left for the night…WHAT THE HELL….she NEVER came and saw me again nothing so now hubby’s pissed too and i freak out that they are just keeping me here for my insurance and there is no point…the nurse cant give me one..i even gave her a chance….i wasn’t rude mind you i was nice and i was apologizing telling the nurse its not her fault im mad and this has nothing to do with her…she is just the messenger from the doc anyway…so i finally say fuck it hubby says he is going to bring me to Yale new haven a bigger hospital with more coherent docs on staff and we are leaving against medical advice…

Guys they didn’t even try and stop me the nurse printed the paper out and then the new doc came in and was like well we were going to discharge you  in the morning when your blood test came back and I was like they haven’t even taken any blood. So yeah the nurse told me my lungs sounded clear and obviously my husband takes pretty damn good care of me.  So, I got out of there and went home I promised hubby I would let him know if I felt bad in anyway and I wouldn’t argue I would get right in the car and he could take me to Yale. So here I am the next day and feeling okay.

Alright guys, I think this is where I will end it and say thank you for your well wishes and prayers they were answered Im still here to rant and rave another day.

Now more than ever remember to LIVE your LIFE HAPPY!!!!! Life is only borrowed for so long until we have to give it back…




Random thought/question
Have you ever had a near-death experience???? If you don’t want to share it with the world shoot me an email I love hearing peoples stories I find it amazing what happens in our universe.


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