Do people ever grow up?

I know working in business you run into different people, different maturity levels now I know sometimes I can be immature but I have really tried to work on controlling my emotions and not letting things get to me too much. But sometimes I can’t help it because I am an emotional person.

So as you know I started working 8 months ago at my job running a storage facility and I have worked my butt off for shit pay because I see a future and growth here, the point I’m trying to make is that when I am being respectful to you all I ask is that you do the same and you just listen to the words coming out of mouth. I am so sick of people cutting me off in the middle of what I am saying. Ok I understand I look like I’m a teenager and yes I realize you want to treat me that way but you can’t because I won’t let you.

I finally feel like an adult I feel like my life has finally started and I waited a long time for this and I am not going to let anyone try and treat me like a child. My mother doesn’t even try and tell me what to do she gives her advice but she knows at the end of the day I’m going to do what I want.

That brings me to another point I don’t understand why an adult who has a choice to make must ask someones opinion, because most of the time you already have your mind made up your just looking for permission. So now when I have a choice to make I don’t bother anyone with it because I know that no matter what I’m going to do what I want to do.

Now this brings me to different kinds of choices, let me clarify that any choice that effects another person I ask their opinion bcuz its part of their choice too. But any personal choices I now usually make on my own.

When I’m not sure what I am going to instead of asking someone “what should I do?” I ask them “what would THEY do?” This way the decision is still mine. It is also what I do when someone ask my opinion I tell them what I would do because I don ‘t want them coming back and saying well you said to do it. I turn around and say ” No I told you that’s what I would do, I never told you what you should do.” and this also goes both ways you should NEVER blame anyone for your decisions because in the end no matter the advice they gave you, your the one who ultimately decided on the course of action.

Sorry this is all over the place my anxiety is sky high right now because of my surgery coming up.

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Remember to always LIVE LIFE HAPPY!!!!

Love you,


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