Will you be my accountability partner?

Ok guys I need your help, I am starting a meditation journey first work 5 mins in the morning and evening. I need you guys to make me check in with myself to make sure I’m doing it so I will post once in the morning every day to let you know how it went.

This morning was the first I went on YouTube to learn how to meditate found a video for beginners and it said to focus on your breathing, inhale and exhale and not to let your mind wander.

So I sat on my couch noone around and set a 5 min timer and closed my eyes. At first I kept thinking about my breathing then it happened my mind wandered and so I immediately brought it back to inhale and exhale but guys it’s harder than you think and 5 mins feels like forever I forced myself not to open my eyes until my timer went off and I only moved once your not suppose to move at all lol. So I’m actually feeling pretty good afterward my mind feels clearer it’s weird but hey it’s nice.

So until tomorrow…Live Life Happy!!! Love to you all!!!

2 thoughts on “Will you be my accountability partner?

    1. That’s a great idea and of course I totally let it fall again ha ha but if course I have excuses on why I haven’t been posting ha ha and of course excuses are like assholes and everyone has them ha ha but yeah I need to be more alert and I will be I realized I had taken way to much on my plate!! Thank you for being here reading my crazy life blurbs lol


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