Dabs Of Love

“When I get home from work every night my lower back is killing me so the first thing I do is grab my husband and my Dabs of Love: Pain Be Gone massage oil and make him rub it into my tight muscles. Then of course I give him a hand/arm massage and we are both happy campers for the night”


Hey Ladies and Gents as you know or just now finding out (Hello new readers :-)) I have really bad chronic back pain, I’ve had two back surgeries  and a breast reduction just to try and help my back pain. My muscles are so tight that they protrude through my shirt sometimes and it hurts to breath.

So as you all know I am a believer in the healing power of cannabis and not just THC but CBD and every part of the plant. As I’ve said before:


“The whole plant is good for the whole body”


And I found this even more true when I came across dabs of love’s pain be gone CBD massage oil. I was never a believer in topical anything because I’ve had bad experiences with icy hott and ben gay.

Then I ordered a Koala Puff’s mystery box (be on the look out for that review) and there was a dabs of love Koala ball, cbd massage oil, and a clay face mask. So I decided to try the bath bomb with some of the cbd massage oil and let me tell you it was truly AMAZBALLS (ha ha always wanted to use that word).

So that sold me then I saw that she had a started kit which comes with pretty much one of each of her products. If you want a sample pack from her she is having a sale on her started kit for only $130 and free shipping last I checked and it contains:

All Natural Sprays Made with Essential oil & Botanicals

  • 200 mg Bathbomb
  • 300 mg Soaking Salt
  • 400 mg Milk Bath Soak (OMG this is AMAZING too)
  • 300 mg Pain Be Gone Body Oil
  • My miracle CBD Roll on (I carry this when I’m not home just like pain be gone)
  • Just Breathe CBD roll on
  • 200 mg Body Sugar Scrub (Be careful its got sugar so if your kid is like mine they will try and eat it once they realize it is sweet)
  • Canna CBD Clay mask

If you were to buy that separately it is well over the $130 you are paying and well worth it. So if your interesed please give her a follow on Instagram.

Click here for Dabs of Love

Below you will find a short preview of my video review you can find on The Weed Tube:


Thank you so much for reading and watching please follow so you never miss a post or video and check me out on Instagram 

And as always remember to *LIVE LIFE HAPPY*


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