Story of Us

So my husband and I have have been together for going on 13 years in March. I figure if your gonna know part of my story, you should know the whole thing. I met my husband while I was dating his best friend, that is who introduced us. Jance was currently living in Missouri with his mom and was visiting his grandparents in Connecticut for the summer. He use to live out here until his mom and dad got divorced and she moved to Missouri. Anyway, so we became friends and after summer was over he went back to Missouri, this was in 2003. The next summer he came and visited again but at this time my current bf (still his best friend) and I were having rough times and we currently on a break. I was also getting ready to enter into the Army and leave for basic training. So Jance and I didn’t see each other that much that summer because I was hanging out with other people avoiding said bf at the time. He went back to Missouri again and I left for the Army. Now I lasted about a month in basic training before I decided it wasn’t for me. 

When I came home in Sept. of 2004 I was a mess and got together with this navy guy I had met that summer. I ended up marrying him in November and by January I was ready for a divorce but didn’t know how to. While this was going on Jance made the decision to move out her permanently with is grandparents that November. We started hanging out in January, along with my ex bf (his best friend). 

When Jance and I hung out along just the two of us he was a completely different person then when we were hanging out in a group. He opened up to me and we actually had amazing conversations. We would always sneak away and go for drives. I didn’t realize I was slowly falling in love with this man. 

We continued to hang out and get closer and I got farther away from my then husband. One night we were hanging out just the two of us down the beach at the breech way and we got to talking about feelings. I told him that I had feelings for him more than friends but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship because I was married and it couldn’t go anywhere at the time. He then said to me that he felt the same way and maybe if it was another world, another universe we might of ended up together who knows…….



To Be Continued………………..

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