There will be videos…..WhAt??

Yes you read that now, I will be uploading videos to my blog. I will be making different videos for both the weedtube and youtube so if you wanna see them all check out both places.

This video is an exception because it is my intro video, the first video I ever uploaded and edited all by myself. I feel so fulfilled by the exerpience and it is amazing. I have already started on my second video and I have amazing ideas. Just like I gave you a taste of what was coming in my blog here is a preview of the videos you will find:


  • Stash bag
  • House tour
  • Strain reviews
  • Unboxing
  • What’s Bi-polar
  • The real face of depression
  • How cannabis saved me
  • Being a parent who smokes
  • Cooking videos

So friends there is your preview and yes some of them are the same so they will play off each other.

Here it is ladies and gents:


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