Whats coming…..

So now that I am getting my life together and finally getting in order I am finally getting things done and exploring new possibilities. I’ve realized that I can do everything and more on here than I can do on YouTube. Now I might start a mini video feed on weed-tube just to support them because the creators of weed-tube are cannabis influencers and today I will be starting the cannabis spot light which does spotlight some of the owners of the weed-tube before the weed-tube lol. I found them on YouTube then they got kicked off so they made their own platform. Very impressed and these are your so called lazy stoners ha ha lazy my butt!!!!

Anyway so I figured I will be putting video clips and pictures in my post because I feel like I can get my point better by writing and I’ve always been someone when I had something on my mind it is easier for me to write about it then talk about it because my mind goes blank and you feel put on the spot but with writing its like you have all the time in the world to get your thoughts in order. This is true even when my hubby and I are fighting we will be yelling at each other and then he will get frustrated and walk away then message me on our phones and we resolve our conflict that way. IDK its just easier for me.

So yeah here are the following blog post you can look forward to:

Reviews and interviews with cannabis companies and different products

How to talk to your children about medicating with cannabis

I know I’ve talked a lot about depression and my bi polar and how I came out of my 2 year depression but I am going to do an in depth post with pictures and videos of what bi polar looks like and what it looks like when it has lifted.

Difference between a manic state and depressive state

Spa Review coming real soon

Free will/choices we make in life


Expanding on my random thoughts part of the post when I get answers from you guys I am going to feature them as anonymous and write my thoughts in also and expand on what I wrote in the original.

The spousal debate-I want to try/use cannabis but my spouse is completely against it HELP!!!!

And so forth, those are what you lucky readers have to look forward to. I am trying to make this blog as real and close to life as possible I am so sick and tired of all the fake people out there because it is so hard to relate to them I love when I find someone crazy like me and I can totally relate to them!! It is so nice to know that I am not the only one who fights with her daughter to brush her snarly hair and how sometimes she gets a dread lock because she wont let me brush it and it turns into a 4 hour crying screaming fight with me and my hubby holding her down so we can brush her hair. Yup that’s always the stuff people are scared to open up about it because they are scared of judgement from other people well……

I am so SICK of judgement, judging other people I’m DONE with it ALL. As long as you are not hurting anyone with the way you live your life then do it Live Life Happy!!! Everyone has their own quirks I mean come one why do we have to nit pick everything OMG she has last seasons fashion or they only shop at Walmart (this was huge when I was younger if you shopped at Walmart you were a loser) COME ON man its just a damn store!! and clothes seriously hell I still shop at Walmart, target, kohls yes sometimes I will splurge but it will be discounted at an outlet store ha ha.

The whole bully epidemic that is just NOW being brought into the forefront has been going on from generations it all starts with parents and their children watching them judge people. Just little comments parents make like “omg look how fat” or “wow they look like scrubs” (sorry can’t think of any good insults its not what I do) but you say these things and your children are listening whether it seems like it or not. Then they think it is okay to do this also.

So ever since my son was born I make an effort to watch myself and just to be nicer and when my children say innocent things like “wow mom why is he so short” to a midget loudly i might add lol I always say to them everyone is born differnt but that doesn’t mean we can treat them different they are just like you and me and plus if we all looked the same and acted the same just think about how boring the world would be 🙂

Ok I should end this before I keep going on well here is another blog topic Bullies!!!! so yeah I hope everyone is Living Life Happy and your having a great week!! Get ready for some amazing post maybe even one today!!! Love you all and remember even when it feels like there is no one in the world that cares find me on instagram or twitter or here and I will prove to you that even a stranger who probably lives miles away cares!!! Everybody is worth something!!!


Random Thought

So for the longest time I did not feel like an adult I just felt like a teenager trying to take on all the responsibilities of an adult even after my children were born. It wasn’t until last year that I truly felt like I had a handle on this whole adult/mom/wife thing so my question is if you are an adult, when did you start feeling like one? Was it just an instant switch like you woke up one morning and you were an adult or did you work on it? How does your family look at you, do they still treat you as a child with children or as an adult?  I worked on mine but that’s for another blog.

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