So Many Opportunities

So since I’ve started working I’ve had so many opportunities come up and I want to run with these but my body is like no I’m going to slow you down. I could be so much farther in my career but due to my damn health I’m where I am at. Which is pretty far as to what I deal with on a daily basis. I was watching a video the other day and it was about procrastination and what happens in our brains and it was so true. Talking about how there is a rationale person at the wheel and then there is the procrastination monkey who likes to take over the wheel then when we have a dead line the panic monster comes out and scares the procrastination monkey and he hides behind the rationale person and the rationale person is able to take the wheel and you are able to speed thru what you need to do. But if we don’t have a dead line then the panic monster never comes out and the monkey just keeps control of the wheel and our life just runs out of control. So here I am can’t really get anything done because I am in so much pain so I can’t move around I could actually be doing computer work for my career and getting things done but nope the monkey has taken over and told me to write about what I should be doing instead of doing what I should be doing.

Anyone else ever have this problem???

Like I should be cleaning my down stairs to get a head start to have a clean and organized house before my surgery and I know everything that needs to be done. I need to put laundry away, clean the pantry, clear off the kitchen table, also the dinning room table, pick up the living room, vacuum the living room and dinning room, sweep and mop the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and pantry, bring all clean clothes upstairs, attempt to unpack the office and put things away, try and get all pictures hung throughout the house, honestly I think that is all. But here I am writing about it instead of physically doing it but in my defense when I get up to move around I feel like I am being repeatedly stabbed in the left side of my stomach. So I guess I have a reason to write about that instead of doing it but work on the other hand….

So with work I have to go over my move out/delinquent units, write up the office handbook, rewrite the phone list, start quick books for both accounts, start the flea market paper work, contact pizzeria’s about certificates, make up flyers, website research, flyer research, make up logo, social media pages, and the list goes on but that is all I can think about right this second and that is really only with my main job.

Now my new side job I am doing I have to finish my training and start my listing. I have to register the clients I already have and find new clients which shouldn’t be to hard. See all this I can be doing sitting right here where I am but instead I am writing it out in my blog which will be useful because I will be able to look back and use it as a sort of check list I guess. But I sit here and say when I am done writing I will go ahead and start checking off the checklist but I can tell you already when I am done the monkey will find something else to distract me with. Just like I have no idea when I will be done writing this because every time I think I am done I sit back and get distracted by my tv or medicating or eating then while doing that I think of something else I want to write about.

Anyways that should of been a totally different paragraph see that is the English person in me I love writing and reading and I know the proper way to write essays and such but I never do yet in the back of my head I am correcting myself and driving myself crazy. The only thing that drives me nuts is misspelled words that I will go back and fix and figure out how to spell the word before I move on. I type with two hands and can type about 55 words per a minute without looking at the keyboard. See funny thing in 7th grade for electives I saw keyboarding and here I am thinking its a music class and I am going to learn something like the piano yet it wasn’t it was a typing class ha ha shows how naive I was back then. Hey I do have to say it paid off helped me a lot in my jobs and in school. Also helped my husband when I would type up his papers he would read them to me because he can’t type as well as I do.

*To warn you the above was written 2 days ago and I don’t re-read what I write so if I repeat myself I’m sorry or if they have nothing to do with each other then hey it keeps it interesting*

Anyways this week has totally blown and I figured that this post would go along with what I wrote earlier about missing opportunities. This whole week I’ve probably missed a million and at work I’ve taken about 10 steps back. Ugh and the reason for this is because my damn uterus and this fibroid I have. When I’m laying down I am fine but when I get up and move around I feel like someone is stabbing a knife into my stomach and I feel like I’m going to vomit. Its so bad that I can’t push to pee I have to wait until the last minute and let it come out on its own or sit on the toilet and try to completely relax both are annoying. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my bathroom shenanigans.

Moving on………..

So yeah I posted this video of me in a sexy outfit smoking out of my bong on my instagram and I am in love with it. The funny thing is people watch it and they are like “you are a mother and wife what are you doing posting that” and my answer to that is that yes I am a mother and wife but I am also a women and I am sexy and I am proud of my body and my husband isn’t jealous because I’m not showing anything that isn’t allowed to be shown and he is the one that video tapped it. Anyways yeah so if you wanna see as sexy video of me check out my instagram. I plan on uploading more videos and I eventually wanna do skits and such but I am just learning how to edit so you have to bear with me for a bit. I also recorded my first video that I want to put on youtube and weed tube and of course here. From there I have plans actually I have a lot of plans moving forward and sometimes I get frustrate because it doesn’t seem like anything is happening then I take a step back and look at everything from the outside and from the beginning to where I am now and I’ve done a lot in the past 6 months and I’m proud of what I’ve done. One of these days I have to sit and write it all down because I’m the type of person that likes to see where I came from and that helps me plan where I’m going.

So yeah its 5am and I haven’t slept at all probably 8 hours total in the past 3 days. I’m just cool like that well I’m going to watch netflix and see what, if any new movies there are or ones I’ve been avoiding remember to always Live Life Happy!!!!


Almost forgot…

Your Thoughts?

Okay I have a theory about how Darwinism and Religion could work in conjunction meaning that both could be true. I have thought pretty long and hard on this and my theory is since religious text has been translated so many times and re-written and interpreted by different people what if the words don’t mean the same thing as in what we believe they mean. Just think about it even today words can have several different meanings in different parts of the world. So I was theorizing that the word “human” can mean “cell”, just think about it. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’m write a blog post about this subject as I have a lot to say on it.

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