Wake me up when its over…..(TMI POST)




So now I think I understand why every women on my mothers side of the family has had a hysterectomy except for my mother who is the model of health, seeing as she is in the military and all. Yes ladies and gents I am an army brat, we will save that for another time. Anyways so yeah I’ve always had problems with my ovaries because I had cyst every month but this is no joke.

Well we will start back to when I didn’t have a period for about a year and a half. Which was all fine and dandy with me I chalked it up to having 3 major surgeries in 2 years. Then my period came back with vengeance it seems. Terrible cramps before and during, I’d be pain free for maybe a week out of the month. I was bleeding very heavy (sorry for the TMI). So finally I went to the hospital because I couldn’t take the pain and come to find out I had a 5 cm fibroid on my already small uterus. So I went to see my gyno and he put me on medication that would put me through menopause hoping to stop the growth of the fibroid, lets just say those meds did not agree with my body and after 3 weeks I stopped them. So I figured I’d look for a second opinion and went to a friends doctor and he is amazing. He looked at my scans and did an exam and felt the fibroid and said it is growing and we need to get it out to stop the pain. So literally my first appointment he scheduled my surgery for March. I got all my appointments and everything. I can not wait until it comes out, I can’t have sex with my husband because he hits my uterus (TMI) and after my stomach gets swollen like I’m pregnant or something and the pain is unbearable, ie the situation I’m in now.

So yes I want to crawl into a little hole and not wake up until the surgery is over. This is messing with my life completely I swear every aspect of it. Now that I am out of my depression and I am getting back to my old self I can’t take this being laid up I have so much I need/want to do with my life before I will be laid up for a month after surgery.

Thinking about it now I am actually not really nervous about surgery seeing as I’ve had so many now. I feel like a damn pin cushion and the docs seem to think I need more holes. This one they aren’t really cutting me open, they are sticking the camera’s in me and doing it laparoscopy so hopefully it won’t be bad. Granted it is still major surgery so I will be laid up for 4-6 weeks, apparently it is like just after a c-section where I can only pick up like a gallon of milk and can’t do stairs. So yeah I’ll be stuck on the first floor of my house because we don’t have a bathroom on the 2nd floor and I’m not suppose to do stairs. So my wonderful husband is going out to buy me my own new chair for the living room. I’m so excited to go shopping this weekend for it.

OMG so yeah I have been getting the craziest dm’s on instagram lately. If you follow me on instagram you will see pictures of myself, and my family including my sexy husband. So I don’t understand why I’m getting these dm’s, pictured below:

I will respond to any message any one sends me. I have met tons of different people ladies and gents on instagram who have messaged me about cannabis, bi polar, mental health, parenting etc. and as soon as I have the time I respond and help them and they help me at times too. Its messages like the one above I don’t appreciate and would like to NOT get. I am a happily married mother of two and my husband is the only sugar daddy I need. And honestly if my instagram profile in anyway gives any hints that I am asking for a new man please let me know so I can change it because I am very happy with the way my life is going except for the whole medical bull crap I’m dealing with now.


So yeah my advice to any person who receives messages like this is just to ignore them and don’t write anything back, because once you open that door there is no closing it. I read them and show my husband and we laugh. One of them wanted to fly and move me to Las Vegas, some of them are crazy. Then I sit here and think, do these men really just scroll through social media and find girls who they want to pay to be with. I couldn’t see myself doing that. I have joked about it before how nice it would be for a man just to take care of everything and anything and be able to travel the world but then I realize that this man would want sexual favors and I”m sorry I can’t give you those unless I am some what attracted to you or absolutely wasted (which I don’t drink anymore so your sol on that part) and the only person I’m attracted to now a days is my husband.

Anyways moving on, don’t ask how I got on that kick but if you’ve read my other post you will know that I just write whatever comes to mind and sometimes it goes in very funny directions and I don’t re-read my post before I post them because I want them to be real and raw and like a conversation I’m having with my reader. Maybe one day my blog will go big but for now it is nice to know that at least some people read it and I hope that there is information in it helps them or they can relate and realize they are not alone in this world. If you guys want me to talk about anything in particular then just leave a comment below and I will do my best on what I know on that subject.

Seeing how I haven’t eaten in two days as I can’t eat when my stomach is in knots..nothing looks good I just ordered food so fingers crossed I’ll be able to chock some down. Side note just took a big dab will prob take another before food is here so hopefully that will help. Remember loves to always Live Life Happy!!!!!!



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