Wow How I’ve Failed…….

So according to my last post I was suppose to post everyday up until Christmas about different subjects and guess what I FAILED HORRIBLY AT IT!! I think I might have done one maybe two post if that I have some saved here that I was working on but things just got crazy and still are getting crazier but I figured I would fill you all in.

So my job has picked up, I have two employees now and we finally have trucks to rent and with spring coming and college students moving we are really going to get trucking. I am also dealing with a law suit from 2016 when the facility was under poor management. We are also going to have a grand re-opening, the radio station is going to come down and broadcast and we are going to have a flea market set up with a bounce house and hot dogs/hamburgers and raffles. So I’m hoping that will drum up some business for us. I will post more about that when the time is closer because there will be deals and coupons for storage and uhauls.

With my home life, Dec and January were really hard for my marriage we fought a lot and I mean A LOT!!! We’ve gotten better at communication so there was no leaving/kicking anyone out. So that is always a plus. We were both stressed at work with mine picking up and him going out on his first business trip to Utah and getting slammed with work on top of that also. We just kept taking everything out on each other. I don’t know how we do it honestly we both work 50 plus hours a week and have two children and yet we still are able to make time for the kids and our relationship. I do have to say we have a lot of help from family so that is a plus. When they say it takes a village to raise children they aren’t lying.  Both kids are doing AMAZING in school they are so smart I am so proud of both of them. They get report cards next week so I am so excited to see their grades. Ok so after all that we finally are both on the same page I get hit with the news I have to have a hysterectomy because of a growing fibroid tumor on my uterus. Im happy about getting it out because I honestly don’t know how much longer I can deal with the crazy pain. The down fall to this is I have to take time off of work to recover and I’m so scared that all the hard work I’ve put into that place to turn it around will just all fall apart. I’m trying to have everything set up ahead of time so I don’t have to worry and it is all taken care of so when I do come back to work things are still on track.

So yeah I didn’t mean to blow my blog off because writing is an amazing release for me and I’ve missed it and plus I love having my thoughts and memories down so I can go back to look it over. Its just that everything else was more important. If you want up to date info you can follow my instagram I update my story daily and also post cannabis related content along with inspirational quotes and videos. But Im gonna try and keep this updated especially since after surgery I will be bed bound so I won’t have much to do except play on my laptop lol.

So I’m so proud of myself, since we are both working we are making good money and Ive been very good at budgeting and keeping our bills paid on time and I’ve even been able to pay off our debt so our credit scores are going up. We both have decent credit cards we use and pay off those have been a big help. I am so thankful for my boss who has been an amazing teacher and mentor to me. This man knows all the tricks of the trade to keep everything on track. He also introduced me to his financial advisor who we are working on my kids college funds and our retirement fund. I have already purchased whole life insurance for both my children which when they are older they will be able to borrow against to buy a house and then their children are taken care of when they pass. Next is hubby and I’s whole life insurance which I plan on borrowing against when i retire so we can go on a really nice vacation because we will both def. deserve it then ha ha.

We have also put a deposit down on our first every family vacation next year we are going on a 12 day royal caribbean cruise. We haven’t told the children we are going to surprise them and just stick them in the car and head to the airport I’m even thinking about renting a limo for them lol. They deserve this they are amazing children and we are so blessed to be their parents.

Anyways, so that’s whats been going on in my life. Funny thing I was re watching my instagram story and almost every other post is one of me smoking which I have no problem with but I tried to look at it from an outsiders point of view someone who doesn’t know me and I’m thinking they prob think I just sit at home and smoke all day so I realize I have to post more on my job and everything I do because my new point of view is to try and stop the stigma that all people who smoke cannabis are lazy bums. My boss tried to say that and I kinda yelled at him and told him that if I didn’t have my medicine then I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do then I proceeded to show him my scar from where they operated twice on my back and also my hip where I had a skin graft and I am missing half my muscle in my thigh. Yeah he realized that maybe just maybe this stuff is worth something. I also explained about how I used cannabis to get off pain pills. At one point I was on a very high dose, now my dose is very small and once I have my surgery I will finally be able to stop these awful things and just use my natural medicine. PLANTS OVER PILLS!!!

Alright if you read down this far comment below “purple people eater” and I will come and comment and read your blog and if you follow me on instagram leave your handle so I can follow you back!!!! Remember to always LIVE LIFE HAPPY!!!

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