Day 1……24 Days of Posting Left….

Happy December 1st!!!!! 

So today starts blogmas, which just means I will be posting holiday themed post everyday and sometimes you may even get two depending on content but you will at least get one a day. So now onto the first post of Blogmas: 

So this is just an introductory post about what you can expect this month and look forward to:

Topics (not in any special order)

  1. Christmas Traditions
  2. Tree choosing & reveal
  3. Favorite presents over the years
  4. DIY crafts
  5. Favorite holiday recipes
  6. Favorite holiday memories
  7. Holiday vacation ideas
  8. 2018 in review
  9. Snow day ideas
  10. Mental Health at holiday time
  11. Local event calendar
  12. Favorite Holiday movies/New releases
  13. 2019 Goals
  14. Stocking stuffers
  15. ***Christmas Giveaway****
  16. My perfect Christmas day
  17. My letter to Santa
  18. Christmas activities for couples
  19. Christmas activities for families
  20. Local event review
  21. Pets at Holiday time
  22. Elf on the shelf
  23. Favorite blogmas entries from other bloggers
  24. Christmas games
  25. Post ideas (yeah this one ha ha)

Ok so those are the topics you can expect, but they will not be in that you can see this post is number 25 I did that because if you read through the list you will see that there is going to be a Christmas giveaway…yup that’s right I’m giving things away. Not sure what the giveaway prizes will be but they will be good I can tell you that I’m excited for it, (I love giving things away)

Oh that reminds me once I hit 420 followers on Instagram I will be doing a giveaway so check out the post on my Instagram: Live.Life.Happy

Anyways, just wanted to add that little tidbit if you want to win anything so far I only have two entries, as you can do an early entry.

So follow the blog, Instagram and twitter and you will have a chance to win and I think I’m going to do multiple prizes so more than one person can win because it is the season of giving!!!! I’m so excited for this and everything else. This year has turned out really good and I want to share it with everyone!!!


I can’t wait to share this holiday season with everyone and I’m hoping my followers get more involved and comment (don’t worry I’d don’t bite I promise lol).

Remember to always Live Life Happy!!!!!

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