Blogmas……& More….

So Thanksgiving is over and now its time for Christmas!!! Yay!!! So excited!!! All I’ve heard lately is from the youtubers/weedtubers talking about vlogmas and how some will upload every day and others will do every other day. So that got me to thinking…what about a BLOGMAS!!!! So yeah did some research…good ol’google and found out there is such a thing called blogmas it where “us” bloggers upload a blog everyday for 25 days jammed packed with Christmas Spirit!!!



Ahhh I think I can do that!!!! I’m so excited I’ve started planning what my post are going to be but I also have to be careful I don’t get overwhelmed…which is what happened when I wanted to create an account on the weedtube/youtube. It was the whole process of having to make the video and then edit it that overwhelmed me. With blogging I can take my time on what I want to say and delete what my mistakes with video you have to keep going and with my OCD I would be stopping the video and going back to delete it then instead of just going thru with the whole video and then editing out the mistakes. So I decided to just open up my private blog to  be public and I still add little videos I’ve taken and pictures as you can to make it festive ha ha.

I was actually jealous of the vlogmas because I wanted to do something for Christmas too so this makes me happy!!!

If you have any idea’s for blogmas entries feel free to leave them in the comments!!!!


Now for the more part on a more serious note I’ve realized that since the days have gotten shorter and the weather has gotten darker I’m starting to feel more blue. My depression seems to be acting up and I’m feeling the urge to be lazy and just hide away for the winter time. I realize I can’t do that because if I give into it I will lose everything I have worked for since I’ve been better. I would lose my job, my blog would crash, it would upset my children and I would lose their trust, my husband would prob leave me this time. So yeah I’ve noticed that writing it down makes it go away a little bit well I should say it it makes it easier to deal with. Also cannabis, (how many of you were waiting for that) ha ha, when I feel crappy I take a couple puffs and I feel like a warm wave wash over me and I actually feel lighter and happier and the smallest thing will make me smile even if I don’t want to.

Another thing I’ve been doing is instead of sitting in my cave of an office I sat out in the car today and worked from my laptop in the sun. You really need that vitamin D in the winter time. You get it easily in the summer because it is warm and everyone is outside but in the winter time you don’t really go out as much so you don’t absorb the suns rays. Vitamin D can really effect your mood if you don’t have enough of it so my advice to you (which is what I’m going to do) is get some Vitamin D tablets and drink a lot of orange juice this winter if you start to feel gloomy at all because remember we always want to Live Life Happy!!!!!

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