Happy Thanksgiving



I hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving, I did. I spent the morning cuddling with my daughter watching the Macy’s day parade, then we got ready and went to my husbands grandmothers with his side of the family then went to my mothers, then to finish off the night we watched Elf.

This year things went really smooth unlike other years, everyone seemed to get along. I feel bad though because my brother was not in attendance and although we don’t always get along he posted on facebook that he should of went to work instead of staying home. I wish he would just grow up (he is mad at my mom over something stupid) and call her. Anyways other than that everything was great the food was amazing and the company was even better.

This year I am thankful for so many things. First off, our new house we finally found a farm house in the town we want to be in and it is perfect. On instagram I talk so much about it, it is because this is truly my dream home I never thought we would ever live in a house like this. It is the perfect size, actually the biggest we have ever lived in together. We have no neighbors just a corn field and people across the street but if we are in the back yard you can’t see the road. The kids love their rooms, they are on two different sides so not that much arguing lol. Hubby and I got a new king size bed so Princess has our queen and Bug has the bunk beds set up.

Second off, my husband who without him I couldn’t make it through this life. I know every year I am thankful for him but this year especially because he has supported me so much through all my trials. The 2 year depression, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and now actually following through with my dreams. I love the fact that he is by my side every step of the way encouraging me and never doubting me but always being there to catch me when I fall or take a misstep.

Third is of course my beautiful children, they are doing so wonderful at their new school and I couldn’t  be prouder of them. They have both settled in and made new friends. I thank God everyday for the fact of how healthy they are, I always see these poor babies that are stuck in the hospital sick and then I look at my two beautiful healthy children and I feel so blessed that I am lucky enough to have healthy babies.

Fourth I am thankful to have found a job that I truly enjoy being at. I may just be a manager at a storage facility but I love the work I do and just the way it all worked out. Having this job allows me to spend time with my family and also doing this blog and side business of the boutique. I am so excited to start that without this job I wouldn’t be able to start that.

I feel so lucky to be where I am today. I never thought I would be here but apparently someone was looking out for me. To say I didn’t work to get here would be an understatement. My hubby and I have worked our butts off. He has always had a job even while he went to school and I went to school while taking care of our children. Even though I was only a stay at home mom that is still a job and one I actually miss sometimes. Like the other day my son was sick with strep throat and since I was at work grandma went to pick him up and he spent the days off from school with her which I was so jealous about but I kept reminding myself that I am working for them to give them the life they deserve so that when they are older and if they need some help we can help them like our family helps us.

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