What is this about and where are we going with it?????

So far this blog has just been about me writing about my experiences and now I know that is what a blog is usually for but I want more I want more out of this and everything else in my life so I’m gonna go for it. Now in order to do that I have to actually follow the scheduled I lay out for myself. You guys who read this will be able to follow my journey of truly finding myself and my place in this world. I have come to the conclusion that this isn’t it there is more but we have to fight for it and keep trying. I’m always obsessed with quotes about anything and everything because I find them so inspirational but this feeling I have inside doesn’t need a quote to keep going. So I have so many ideas and so many things I want to do I lately have this feeling that there isn’t enough time in the day for all the things I want to get done and it actually pisses me off. Which I don’t know how you get pissed off at something you know you can’t control, something no one can really control.  So lets start this off on what we want to accomplish and were we want to go: 

First off my I want my instagram, twitter and blog all to work together so if someone is following me on one site it won’t matter if they are following the other two because all the information will be the same. 

Next, my real goal is to help with the stigmatization of medical marijuana especially the way people look at parents who use cannabis. I hate how nicotine is considered a “chemical” and marijuana is a “drug” (the negative use of the word) when in all reality nicotine is just as much of a “drug” as Tylenol or Motrin is, and marijuana is actually a plant. More on this later

Third, I want to open an online boutique which I will be selling hair accessories, jewelry and other accessories. Along with these items I will be adding items I will be selling from the storage units that I clean out and have to sell the things to try and recoup the cost of a customer paying. So you never know what you will be finding on my page :-p 

I also want to review products from other companies, I’m debating on whether I am going to just write a review with pictures of if I want to do a video. I am thinking I will do mini videos on instagram/twitter and a full review on here. I will be adding different reviews of different products soon. Actually I will be adding one later today after this post and they just wont be cannabis companies. I’m in talks with a sun glass company and a couple others. I don’t think I will have advertising on my blog though because I don’t mind paying for it for my customers to enjoy an ad free page I know how much they annoy me when I’m on other sites. 

This blog isn’t for me to quit my job and become rich it is for YOU the PERSON reading this, yes all these things will be post on here but my post about my life and my family and my medical conditions will still be up too. Look this just means MORE content ha ha but yeah I will be posting about followers reaching out to me ( I won’t be naming any names) but I just want you guys to know if you need to talk or have questions I’m here. Feel free to leave a comment here, DM me on instagram or twitter and I PROMISE to answer within 24 hours. 

So this is the rough draft of what will be going on here. I know its going to be a lot of work because I also work full time managing a storage facility. Let me know if you need a storage unit ha ha. But I will try my hardest I’ve actually been a lot better with posting on instagram and adding content to my story. Now keeping up with my blog is my next step. Thanks guys for being there for me remember to always LIVE LIFE HAPPY!!!! 

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