Is it Dab-A-Don’t or Dab-A-Do???

Honestly it doesn’t matter because this thing rips and I’m loving it ha ha. So I’ve seen many people on instagram and youtube taking dabs out of a dabado with no torch or big rig involved and I got excited. Being a parent I was always nervous when I had my torch out and dab rig because of my kids. Although I don’t smoke around them there were times when my dab rig and torch would be out from a session I had when they were gone and they would come home at the end of it. It always made me nervous because they are curious being 6 and 9 always asking questions. Needless to say I’ve gotten rid of the torch and dab rig not just because of the children but I could never figure out the right temp it was either to hot for my lungs or to cold to melt the wax. So for awhile I was just smoking flower. 

Well I went and purchased myself a dabado and at first I was so upset. Let me tell you why when I went to use it I followed the directions and everything but it didn’t work as well as the ones I saw online. I purchased the dabado galaxy bolt. This has two different temps depending on how many times you click the power button, 3 clicks for low and 5 clicks for high. So I started contacting dabado and they answered right away and tried to trouble shoot through email and when that didn’t work they had me send it in. So I paid for shipping out to them and they paid for shipping back to me. It took all of 2 weeks from being sent out to me receiving it back. When I got it back I charged it up and was so impressed!! 

It worked just like everyone else did. I could now take a dab with no torch and no fear of the dab being to hot or not hot enough. 

The whole kit is priced great for what you get: 


Galaxy Bolt & Stand

Glass water attachment

Dabber tool and Carb cap

Charger & Wall piece

Silicon wax holder

Ceramic, Titanium, & Quartz Nails

Hard Carrying Case 

Extra Rubber pieces for mouth piece

Instruction Guide

Let me tell you it is on sale now for 79.99 and if you use code Koala (from Koala Puffs) you will receive 10 % off so it will come out to 70.00. Which I might say is a steal!!! 


Just having some fun….this is why I write blogs and not videos on youtube ha ha 🙂

Dabado’s Instagram

Dabado’s Website

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