Wow I am bad at this

So I did it again…I went pretty much a month without writing a blog and the funny thing is I don’t do it because I don’t have content I have tons to write about I just don’t ever put aside time to do it. Then when I do have time I find myself scrolling the internet zoning out instead of working on this website. Well here is a little update on whats been going on and what is going to be going on ha ha: 

We moved into a new house and it is huge. I have my own office as does my husband. We both have been working our butts off at work and the kids are finally home too. We still have a lot of unpacking to do but it is so nice to be at our own home again and not stuck sharing a house with someone else. For the whole month of October we lived at my husband’s grandmothers house trying to save money that we ended up spending on fast food and hotel rooms lol.

Now that we have moved into our new home I will be setting up my office soon and be adding new web pages to this website. I will be selling jewelry, and hair accessories. The live life happy boutique. I’m so excited for this new venture. 

My cannabis use is getting more regular and I have finally found what works and what doesn’t. I will be doing a couple blog post about these soon. I have a new planner that I have been putting to use to keep my life organized. Work has been hectic I knew that being a manager was a lot of work but I didn’t realize how much responsibility. I know I am up for the job and I have been doing it but it is still a shocker when I take a step back and see how much I do and what I am responsible for. I am so proud of myself for the first time in my life I can say that and not be lying to myself ha ha. And actual for the first time or maybe for just tonight or just while I write this but I’m not really caring if anyone else is proud of me or not.

These past three months looking back I have really stepped up and changed for the better I know I have written in the past about my bi polar mental illness but that has effected me so bad for the past 2 years. Starting with my first back surgery in Oct of 2015 until coming home from my vacation with my mom in June 2018 (right around the time I started this blog). I was a couch potato that had the personality of a flea. I had my good days which were far and in between and I am so blessed to have a man who stood by myside and picked up the slack. Most men would of left me and taken the kids with no other regard for me, but not my husband who stood true to his vows of thru sickness and health. He realized it was a health issue and not me just being lazy. Anyway enough about the bad time as I call it now starting in June I got off the couch got dressed every day and started looking for a job. I found one…an amazing one might I add. I am the manager of a storage facility. I also handle some of the owners personal business. I have also stepped back into my roll as mother and wife. My children are so happy to have their mom back and my husband is happy to have his wife back we are not roommates anymore ha ha. We have sex now lol. I mean those past 2 years I was a mom but I didn’t play with my kids or spend time with them like I use to now I am back to that and everyone is so much happier.

I didn’t know where I was going with this until now:

Listen if your wife or husband is going through a hard time don’t just throw them away try and get to the root of the problem because sometimes it is really out of their control and with just a little help and guidance you can have them back. This is why I believe that the divorce rate is so high because instead of getting to the root of the problem people give up because it gets “too hard” I’m sorry but we are raising a bunch of woosies and this is one thing I stress to my children always fight for what you want and love because the good things never come easy!!!!!

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