Quiet among the Chaos

So as I said in an earlier post my family is staying with my hubby’s grandmother until our new house is ready November 1st…eek so excited…anyway so as we all know I am a medical marijuana patient and I am not ashamed as it has helped me get off of pain medication I was using for my back and nerve problems. Now not only does cannabis help with my chronic pain but also my bi polar depression. I am a much better mom/wife when I medicate. Anyways back on topic so yes his grandmother knows that I smoke/consume cannabis and I keep my things hidden especially there I have a skunk bag that I use, I don’t have any of my bongs all I use is my pipe and cones to roll joints. So last night I realized that it would be easier to just smoke joints as they look like cigs and yes I smoke bad I know but the problem is I don’t know how to roll so I crossed my fingers last night that a gas station was carrying cones b/c most I know don’t. I don’t know why but I feel like sharing my routine from last night because it was just so nice and fluid:

So by the time I got home from work my children had already eaten and so I made myself and hubby dinner and we ate together and caught up then I gave my daughter a bath and she let me brush and braid her hair when she got out. Then while that was happening my son was doing his homework. Then after she got out we sat down to do her homework which consist of sight words, her reading a sheet of paper, math worksheet, and reading a book. So the fire department visited their school yesterday and the children made out like bandits. I remember when the fire department came to my school we would get a fire hat and a coloring book and a pencil. My children both got drawstring backpacks, water bottles, bug got headphones, princess got a book, they both got rulers activity books, crayons, colored pencils and a hat. I was jealous lol. So I helped her read the new book she got Sparky the Fire Dog. And I am so proud of how far she has come with reading. She struggled last year and reading didn’t come as easy to her as it did her brother but this year she sped right up and caught up. I was so proud of how many big words she knew and she is flying by with her flash cards. Math comes easy to her so I’m not worried about that. Oh I don’t know if I mentioned it but I love their new school, bug goes to a homework club on tues and thurs after school and the bus brings him home. They are so active with parents, they encourage a lot of volunteering. I am excited once a month princess’s class goes to the public library its right down the street so they walk and I get to go with her!!! 

Ok back on topic lol. So after we read together I tucked her in and went to the store with my fingers crossed. On my way I was orginally going to one gas station but when I went to make the left there was a state trooper and a firefighter and he came over to my car and asked where I was going and I said gas station he said ehh there was an accident so I said ok I’ll go to the other one. So I looked it up this morning and a 26 year old women was hit by a driver and they fled the scene and she passed this morning. My prayers are with her and her family and I hope the guilt makes this person turn themselves in. This breaks my hear as she was a mother. The road she was walking down is a small highway and there are no side walks or anywhere to really walk on the side of the road. Still they should of stopped. It was clearly an accident hopefully if they weren’t intoxicated with anything. Anyways luckily at the other gas station he had raw cones so excited so then I went home and sat in my car with my cell and went live on fb and chatted with my refer ladies. So excited that someone watching my live lives close to me so hopefully we click and it seems like it and we can get together and get our girls to play. It was nice to sit in the car and smoke a j Zoey my dog was hanging with me and then I watched Flash in the car too lol. So I decided that I will just by cones and smoke joints in my car as that way it is no where near her or her house. I mean if I’m feeling lazy I can go sit on the porch and smoke it as that is where I smoke my pipe. Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know how good my night was last night I went to bed by 11pm and I got the twin bed to myself didn’t have to share with a child lol bug was sleeping with me but apparently I squished him and he went to the floor lol. Have a Great Day!!!!


****Live Life Happy****

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