So last night I was sitting on the couch with my daughter watching dancing with the stars juniors and she commented on how pretty a little girl on tv was and I said your beautiful too. She just giggled and went back to watching tv. That got me to thinking about how I always tell my children they are beautiful and smart and I never say anything negative about myself or anyone else in front of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any negative thoughts about myself. Of course when I’m talking to my daughter and I tell her she is beautiful and that she is my mini me and that I am beautiful too little does my princess know that 95% of the time mama doesn’t feel beautiful. So I was sitting here thinking today while looking at photos of myself and realizing that yes I am pretty and I need to have more self confidence in myself. I think I look great after having two children and the thing is I still don’t exercise so I think to myself if I actually exercised and got in shape I would be back to the size I was in my early 20s lol. The thing is even though I don’t feel pretty or beautiful I’m happy with the way I look and I think that is why I tell my daughter I am beautiful because I don’t know how else to express that I may not be society’s beautiful but I am happy with the way I look and my body and that is all I want my daughter to be is happy with her body if she is at least that her life will be a smidge easier lol. If you can’t tell I’m scared for the teenage years more so with princess then bug (my easy child ha ha). I can’t believe that next year he will have double digits where the hell has the time gone. Soak it up!!! Just a thought I had today I thought I would share….Live Life Happy…….

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