Does the carousel ever stop turning…

So I was just reading through my recent blog post and things have changed as they always do. We are no longer moving, and this is for a couple of reasons. `

So most people ask why we aren’t buying a house since we would qualify as first time home buyers, the reason is we are saving up for the down payment as I just started working and before that all our money was going to bills and living as we made enough to live comfortably but with nothing left over. So now that I am working we have money to put away. So we found a beautiful house that we loved but someone else got it. Then we found another that was in the perfect location although it was the same size as the one we live in now but I was okay with it because it was a house and we had a lot more privacy. The problem came when I spoke with the landlord. He asked so many personal questions like if the children were biologically both of ours, that question got me because it doesn’t matter as long as they are one of ours and they are taken care of its really NONE of his business. The next question was about why my husband and I separated…Ok I get him asking who lived in what previous houses and there was one where I lived and he didn’t so I told him we had separated for 8 months and he was like why? I didn’t give him a reason but I told him that we worked things out and we are better then ever now and that we don’t give up on our relationship. There were others that made my skin crawl when he asked because it was none of his business and he brought up a time in my life that I did not want to think about ever again, I had pushed it out of my mind and he pulled it back in. So when I was done talking I told him I needed to speak with my husband then I would get back to him because he wanted the deposit and first months rent that weekend even though we weren’t moving in til the first, besides the fact we had just paid our rent lol.  Now I spoke with him while I was out so I when I got home my husband could see that I was obviously upset and he said to give him the number and he would call.

Now this shocked me bc I am usually the one that fights the fights and it gives me awful anxiety and I’m messed up for a couple days mentally. This time though he called him and took care of it and it was amazing lol. I know this small little thing made a huge impact in my day. See you never know how a little thing can brighten someones day.

So I started writing this two nights ago but fell asleep so here I am trying to write this blog when there is only one thing I remember that I wanted to write about even though I know there was a bunch more. Ha ha ha ha well I guess Ill end this here….here are some cute pictures to look at ha ha……

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