Wow I am horrible at this….

So sorry I haven’t written in forever, our lives are changing for the better finally. After being in a very bad depression for two years I can finally see the light and I am finally able to crawl out of my rock. So first thing’s first: I got a job!!!! Yay me!!! I am the manager at a storage facility and I love it. The person who was running it before me just let it go, the owner put trust in them to run the place correctly because the owner was dealing with a death in the family and they took advantage of the owner. They let the storage unit go to hell and now I have to clean it up. I swear I don’t understand how we still have customers after what has been transpiring. I have spent the better half of 2 weeks going thru delinquent files and trying to get a hold of customers. I’m actually not complaining because I am enjoying myself. I have responsibility and I’m running with it.

Also school starts tomorrow for my two minions OMG it’s crazy this summer flew by.  Like I told you guys I would get a job by the end of September, well I met that goal. I feel like the old Jen is back the one who actually could get things done and wasn’t an emotionless lump lol.

With me working we can now afford a bigger place so we plan on moving at the end of the month into a house. I can not wait, I mean I hate the searching and looking part but I can’t wait for the move in, unpack part lol. The kids are excited to have a bigger space and have a yard. Plus we want to start staying home for holidays and having family over our house since we are the only ones with small kids and the kids hate having to get dressed and leave Christmas morning when they want to play with their toys.  I told Jance that even if we did Christmas eve and then Christmas day it was just the 4 of us that is fine too. I also want Thanksgiving and Easter at our house too. I’m sorry but I’m sick of having to pack my children up every holiday when no one else has young children. Well my brother and sister in law do but we don’t spend holidays with them.

Anyways this was just a quick blog post to update everyone and let you know I am still around and I am going to force myself to start taking time for myself to write my blog and do things that interest me. Since the old Jen is back I’ve started neglecting myself which happens and I have to remind myself to take care of me too or I will burn out.

Remember to take care of yourself too, taking 30 mins a day will help your mood drastically just doing what YOU want to do without the opinion of anyone else!!!


~Live Life Happy~ Jen~

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