First broken bone…

As the title reads our family had its first broken bone last week. Of course it couldn’t be my husband or I it had to be princess. She broke her big toe and of course that call for a cast and this Saturday so happens to be her pool party for her birthday….so yeah perfect timing. It was one of my brother in laws draft horses that stepped on her foot. Of course she wasn’t wearing her boots, she had dress boots on. I was standing right next to her when it happened and every thing went into slow-motion. That’s the first time that has ever happened to me. I hear parents talk about it all the time, everything just slowing down and minutes feel like hours. Well its the truth it does happen and it sucks.


Rex 7 year old Belgian Draft horse 

It was a fluke accident, we weren’t even going up to see the horses my husband wanted to stop at his mom’s house (where the horses are kept) for a minute. Bug, Princess and myself were waiting in the car when hubby opens the door and ask if we want to give the horses treats. At first I was like “no” but then I decided “what the hell, only for a minute”. I mean I had flip flops on not even my boots which is a big no no but I knew the risk. Princess had black ankle dress boots on, the covered her feet and had a tiny heel, so it wasn’t like her foot was in the open. When we got into the field I kept reminding he kids to watch their feet as the horses didn’t really care where they stepped. (If I was 1800lbs I wouldn’t care either). Anyways Princess was brushing Rex on his shoulder and I was standing in front of him with treats and I spun around to walk to the stall not realizing that Princess’s foot was in front of his foot and Rex went to follow me and he stepped right on her toe. For some reason I had turned around and watched it happen and in what felt like slow motion I pushed on his chest to get him off her and she just screamed bloody murder.



Upon arriving to the hospital

My heart dropped and I scooped her up and yelled to hubby that we had to go to the emergency room. I mean I watched how Rex put all his weight onto her tiny foot. As I was carrying her down to the car all I kept doing was asking God to transfer the pain to me, I know what it feels like to be stepped on (its happened in flip I said I know the risk). Hubby ran inside to get ice and it felt like he was gone forever so I jumped into the drivers seat and started to turn the car around and honk the horn, it felt like hours before he came out with the bag of ice.

We headed to the local emergency room and had to wait about a half hour to be seen. At this time Gram came to pick Bug up so he didn’t have to sit there because we figured we’d be there for awhile. They finally brought us back and instead of staying with us my wonderful husband (notice sarcasm) wants to go pick up a kitten for his mom (we had planned to do this) about an hour away from us. I freaked out I’m sorry but I know its just a horse stepping on a foot but he didn’t see it I knew something was broken and I knew that my daughter needed her daddy. Now before you start to think he is a bad dad for this he had his reasons. My mother in law’s cat passed away the other night and so this was to cheer her up and Princess was so excited to be the one to give it to Nana. So hubby was asking Princess if she wanted him to stay or go get the kitten. At first she was saying she wanted him to stay but he kept asking so much that she changed it to “daddy you pick”. I knew she didn’t want him to leave but he was dead set on getting this kitten. I swear when he puts his mind to something don’t try and stand in his way.


Nana’s new kitten we picked up the next day meet “Luna” 

Anyways so daddy leaves to go get the kitten and they finally bring us back for an x-ray. Not even 5 mins after the x-ray is taken the doctor comes in and tells us we need to go to the children’s hospital as they don’t have a pediatric ortho on staff because her big toe is broken and displaced. So I rush to get hubby on the phone so he can turn around and come get us to bring us 45 mins to the children’s hospital. We finally get up to the children’s hospital and sign in and they bring us back. They tell us they need to push and pull it back into place then cast it.

So before we left our ER I asked for some Tylenol, and its been about 2 hours since then so I asked the doc for some medicine because she is complaining. So they give her motrin and I tell her she needs to wait a little bit for it to kick in. Then the doc shows us the x-ray….you really think motrin and tylenol are gonna cover it…nope.

So they finally gave her something stronger and it relaxed her. So we moved into the casting room and they give her an anxiety med which made her so loopy,  to see if we can do it quickly without sedating her. So hubby and I are up by her head holding her and trying to keep her calm she is screaming bloody murder they tried to numb it with a needle but she moved so much she bent the needle. So I tell them to stop and asked if she could be put into something like a twilight state, they said they could do conscious sedation so we agree to that.  So they knocked her out and we had to leave the room and about a half hour later she was done with her new pink cast and they didn’t have to give her another dose of sedation one dose did it. Apparently each dose only last 40 mins and they had it done in 30. The main reason we agreed to sedation is because it wasn’t a simple push the bone back and it stays when the doc pushed the bone back he had to hold it in place or else it would slide back to the side.


Finally all finished and getting ready to get discharged 

So we finally got home around like 3am and crashed. She had a follow up today at her ortho doc and they said it looks good. The doc had said when she first got the xrays she was scared that they were going to have to do surgery to put a pin in it, but they way the doctor at the children’s hospital braced it, it looks really good. Now we were going to try and get a water proof cast on her for her birthday party this weekend but the doc said if they were to re wrap it then they are taking a chance that it will do damage to the toe and it will not set right meaning she will have to have surgery. So we decided just to shorten the cast and we went and bought a wrap to use in the pool and if it gets wet we will just go to the hospital and get it re-wrapped. She has another appointment on Monday anyway.


Follow up appointment shorter cast and new color 

Well that has been my crazy past couple of days. Thank goodness for my miracle medicine aka cannabis. I picked up an eighth from my dispensary on Friday seeing as I had run out of flower and all I had left was this yucky vape cartridge I have I went and picked some up and boy oh boy did that help. I just ran out today so I will be making a trip tomorrow all I have to say is that without this medicine my nerves would be a wreck. Cannabis helps my anxiety so much, I also know that it can give some people anxiety so you have to be careful. For some reason it clears my mind and lets me focus on what I need to be worrying about at that moment and takes all the other noise out of my mind. I will do a more in depth post on this later on.

Well that’s all for tonight, hug your babies a little extra tight.

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