The journey begins………

So I’ve decided to open my life to the world. I started out with instagram just uploading pictures and quotes of my life and I was reaching people. So now this is my next step blogging about my life and then I want to make videos. Let me give you a heads up when your reading my blogs I tend to jump around I try to cut and paste so everything is together but sometimes I tend to ramble.

So about me:



I’m Jen I’m 32 years old and I am married to my soul mate who I would love to kill sometimes but I can’t live without him, his name is Jance. We live in Connecticut and we have two beautiful children together Bug age 9 and Princess age 6 (not their real names). We also have a german short haired pointer mix named Zoey who we rescued and two kittens we adopted Tigger and Summer (who will have gender identity disorder since my daughter insist on calling “him” a “her”).

I a medical marijuana patient and I use cannabis for chronic pain and bi-polar disorder. I will make an entire post on this and a lot more because this is a big piece of my life now.

I have found through out the years that writing things down really help me focus in my life, just getting all my feelings onto paper. I’ve always wanted to share my struggle but I’ve always been scared on being judge but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that no matter what people are going to judge you. You could be perfect (even though we all know that nobodys perfect) and there would still be people out there that judge you. On the topic of perfection let me tell you NOONE IS PERFECT, I don’t care what their social media looks like, what they tell you its not all going to be 100 percent true. Lieing these days are is so easy and with camera phones a picture is no longer worth a thousand words anymore because you don’t know what circumstance that picture was taken or what was going on. So when you are scrolling through social media and you see pictures or read statuses that seem like a person has it ALL together well don’t worry they don’t.

Most people don’t like to admit to it, I never wanted to. To this day if you look at my facebook you will see this perfect family of four, pictures of us having fun, status of what we are doing, etc. Yet if you look at my instagram and my twitter you will see a whole different side.

Now there is a reason for this: I want a place where I can look back on all the good times, a place when I’m in my darkest hole to see what I have, to remind me that despite all the imperfections in my life I have a damn GOOD one. I have a husband who loves me and two beautiful healthy children.

Now instagram and twitter are places I can go to connect to others who are going through the same thing as me, where people can find me and see that they are NOT alone, there is someone else struggling and that is willing to talk to them.  So if you are reading this and you came here from twitter or instagram feel free to leave a comment or message me on one of those platforms, I will always reply and try to do so fast because I know how important reaching someone is in a time of crisis.

So I think that is a good intro for me. I hope you follow and join and follow me on and

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