Do people ever grow up?

I know working in business you run into different people, different maturity levels now I know sometimes I can be immature but I have really tried to work on controlling my emotions and not letting things get to me too much. But sometimes I can’t help it because I am an emotional person.

So as you know I started working 8 months ago at my job running a storage facility and I have worked my butt off for shit pay because I see a future and growth here, the point I’m trying to make is that when I am being respectful to you all I ask is that you do the same and you just listen to the words coming out of mouth. I am so sick of people cutting me off in the middle of what I am saying. Ok I understand I look like I’m a teenager and yes I realize you want to treat me that way but you can’t because I won’t let you.

I finally feel like an adult I feel like my life has finally started and I waited a long time for this and I am not going to let anyone try and treat me like a child. My mother doesn’t even try and tell me what to do she gives her advice but she knows at the end of the day I’m going to do what I want.

That brings me to another point I don’t understand why an adult who has a choice to make must ask someones opinion, because most of the time you already have your mind made up your just looking for permission. So now when I have a choice to make I don’t bother anyone with it because I know that no matter what I’m going to do what I want to do.

Now this brings me to different kinds of choices, let me clarify that any choice that effects another person I ask their opinion bcuz its part of their choice too. But any personal choices I now usually make on my own.

When I’m not sure what I am going to instead of asking someone “what should I do?” I ask them “what would THEY do?” This way the decision is still mine. It is also what I do when someone ask my opinion I tell them what I would do because I don ‘t want them coming back and saying well you said to do it. I turn around and say ” No I told you that’s what I would do, I never told you what you should do.” and this also goes both ways you should NEVER blame anyone for your decisions because in the end no matter the advice they gave you, your the one who ultimately decided on the course of action.

Sorry this is all over the place my anxiety is sky high right now because of my surgery coming up.

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Dabs Of Love

“When I get home from work every night my lower back is killing me so the first thing I do is grab my husband and my Dabs of Love: Pain Be Gone massage oil and make him rub it into my tight muscles. Then of course I give him a hand/arm massage and we are both happy campers for the night”


Hey Ladies and Gents as you know or just now finding out (Hello new readers :-)) I have really bad chronic back pain, I’ve had two back surgeries  and a breast reduction just to try and help my back pain. My muscles are so tight that they protrude through my shirt sometimes and it hurts to breath.

So as you all know I am a believer in the healing power of cannabis and not just THC but CBD and every part of the plant. As I’ve said before:


“The whole plant is good for the whole body”


And I found this even more true when I came across dabs of love’s pain be gone CBD massage oil. I was never a believer in topical anything because I’ve had bad experiences with icy hott and ben gay.

Then I ordered a Koala Puff’s mystery box (be on the look out for that review) and there was a dabs of love Koala ball, cbd massage oil, and a clay face mask. So I decided to try the bath bomb with some of the cbd massage oil and let me tell you it was truly AMAZBALLS (ha ha always wanted to use that word).

So that sold me then I saw that she had a started kit which comes with pretty much one of each of her products. If you want a sample pack from her she is having a sale on her started kit for only $130 and free shipping last I checked and it contains:

All Natural Sprays Made with Essential oil & Botanicals

  • 200 mg Bathbomb
  • 300 mg Soaking Salt
  • 400 mg Milk Bath Soak (OMG this is AMAZING too)
  • 300 mg Pain Be Gone Body Oil
  • My miracle CBD Roll on (I carry this when I’m not home just like pain be gone)
  • Just Breathe CBD roll on
  • 200 mg Body Sugar Scrub (Be careful its got sugar so if your kid is like mine they will try and eat it once they realize it is sweet)
  • Canna CBD Clay mask

If you were to buy that separately it is well over the $130 you are paying and well worth it. So if your interesed please give her a follow on Instagram.

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Story of Us

So my husband and I have have been together for going on 13 years in March. I figure if your gonna know part of my story, you should know the whole thing. I met my husband while I was dating his best friend, that is who introduced us. Jance was currently living in Missouri with his mom and was visiting his grandparents in Connecticut for the summer. He use to live out here until his mom and dad got divorced and she moved to Missouri. Anyway, so we became friends and after summer was over he went back to Missouri, this was in 2003. The next summer he came and visited again but at this time my current bf (still his best friend) and I were having rough times and we currently on a break. I was also getting ready to enter into the Army and leave for basic training. So Jance and I didn’t see each other that much that summer because I was hanging out with other people avoiding said bf at the time. He went back to Missouri again and I left for the Army. Now I lasted about a month in basic training before I decided it wasn’t for me. 

When I came home in Sept. of 2004 I was a mess and got together with this navy guy I had met that summer. I ended up marrying him in November and by January I was ready for a divorce but didn’t know how to. While this was going on Jance made the decision to move out her permanently with is grandparents that November. We started hanging out in January, along with my ex bf (his best friend). 

When Jance and I hung out along just the two of us he was a completely different person then when we were hanging out in a group. He opened up to me and we actually had amazing conversations. We would always sneak away and go for drives. I didn’t realize I was slowly falling in love with this man. 

We continued to hang out and get closer and I got farther away from my then husband. One night we were hanging out just the two of us down the beach at the breech way and we got to talking about feelings. I told him that I had feelings for him more than friends but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship because I was married and it couldn’t go anywhere at the time. He then said to me that he felt the same way and maybe if it was another world, another universe we might of ended up together who knows…….



To Be Continued………………..

There will be videos…..WhAt??

Yes you read that now, I will be uploading videos to my blog. I will be making different videos for both the weedtube and youtube so if you wanna see them all check out both places.

This video is an exception because it is my intro video, the first video I ever uploaded and edited all by myself. I feel so fulfilled by the exerpience and it is amazing. I have already started on my second video and I have amazing ideas. Just like I gave you a taste of what was coming in my blog here is a preview of the videos you will find:


  • Stash bag
  • House tour
  • Strain reviews
  • Unboxing
  • What’s Bi-polar
  • The real face of depression
  • How cannabis saved me
  • Being a parent who smokes
  • Cooking videos

So friends there is your preview and yes some of them are the same so they will play off each other.

Here it is ladies and gents:


I’m doing it……

So I finally uploaded a video to The WeedTube.Com, its not an intro video yet its a thank you video to all the influencers and people I have met on social media that have really helped me turn back into the person I once was. I am working on editing my intro video but it is taking longer than expected and I didn’t realize how much work goes into editing and making it look just right so people will watch it. Anyways you can find the link down below and I will be uploading it to here soon too.

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Random thought: at the end of every blog there will be a random thought of mine, a question I have for you. It is all opinion and there is no right or wrong answer, you can leave your answers in the comments or send me an email but please I would love to know your thoughts I want this blog to be a conversation and that goes both ways.  If you would like I can post your thoughts if not I will keep them private but if you give me permission I would like to post your answers with mine. If you have any other suggestions please let me know!!!


1st Random Thought

What do you think of instant gratification? Do you believe today’s generation is to obsessed with it? What do you think would happen if things went back to how slow they were in the 20s or even 50s?

Will you be my accountability partner?

Ok guys I need your help, I am starting a meditation journey first work 5 mins in the morning and evening. I need you guys to make me check in with myself to make sure I’m doing it so I will post once in the morning every day to let you know how it went.

This morning was the first I went on YouTube to learn how to meditate found a video for beginners and it said to focus on your breathing, inhale and exhale and not to let your mind wander.

So I sat on my couch noone around and set a 5 min timer and closed my eyes. At first I kept thinking about my breathing then it happened my mind wandered and so I immediately brought it back to inhale and exhale but guys it’s harder than you think and 5 mins feels like forever I forced myself not to open my eyes until my timer went off and I only moved once your not suppose to move at all lol. So I’m actually feeling pretty good afterward my mind feels clearer it’s weird but hey it’s nice.

So until tomorrow…Live Life Happy!!! Love to you all!!!